ERTICO Supervisory Board approves the TM2.0 implementation phase

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TM2.0 was on the agenda of the ERTICO Supervisory Board meeting in November 2013. In terms of the ERTICO process, TM2.0 is coming to the end of the initiation phase and seeks SB approval to enter into the implementation phase.

Mr Franco gave a presentation on the ‘Interactive Traffic Management’ Platform, TM2.0, describing the current challenges and the different demands of road owners and road users.

Mr Franco presented the vision and the mission of the Platform as well as the scope and objectives and the different sectors currently represented, stressing the need to have more public authority involvement.  He then outlined the organisation and structuring of the work and the workplan for the next 2 years before explaining the draft budget/resources needed in the implementation and operation phases.

It was agreed that key external partners would be involved in the implementation phase such as ASECAP and the Rijkswaterstaat.  The CEO thanked Mr Franco and Drs Tzanidaki for all their work, commenting that they had also given a presentation at the recent Public Authorities Platform meeting which had been well received.

Ms Tzanidaki explained that over the next 2 years, the plan is to have a better understanding of the issues, make links between key stakeholders and list requirements in the context of road operators, service providers and feedback.

The scope will be limited to road in the first instance with the aim of looking at multi-modal later.

It was emphasised that the involvement of public authorities is very important from the beginning as is the relationship between all actors in the value chain.

The Supervisory Board approved the report of initiation phase as well as the launch of the implementation phase.

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