Quotations from members

“TM 2.0 is an important enabler for traffic managers and all stakeholders, supporting the deployment of key technologies and solutions like connected automation, in order to pave the road to new mobility concepts and a new transport era.”



“Public and private stakeholders are joining forces to complement and connect existing traffic management plans which will ensure a higher level of service in terms of increased traffic efficiency on the network and improved safety in terms of incident response and mitigation measures.”


                                                                                                                                    ERTICO – ITS EUROPE

“Ease, efficiency and sustainability of transportation is important to achieve, in an environment becoming continuously more complicated and uncertain. The deployment of the TM 2.0 concept will improve mobility and accessibility by enabling smart interactions between technologies, service providers and travelers.”



“TM 2.0 is not only about the next traffic management collaborative paradigm, but also about opening new business challenges that need to be tackled with new forms of synergies among the main categories of stakeholders in the mobility field – boasting complementary knowledge, data and skills – in a completely interconnected environment.”



“The third phase of TM 2.0 sees the establishment of a strong platform of members aligning their efforts to make interactive traffic management work. TM 2.0 is not only a platform but a concept, a way of working together exchanging information on traffic management and traffic state between the public authorities and the private service providers.”



“The open and productive sharing of ideas and different European traffic management visions in TM 2.0 leads us to new insights in how road operators and service providers can strengthen each other by exchanging traffic management information.”



“When TM 2.0 fulfills its promise, road users will experience a new and unprecedented service level. This can only be provided if road managers and navigation service providers combine their strengths and help each other achieving public and business goals at the same time. This approach will launch the sector in the much needed modern age of collaborative government and entrepreneurship.”


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