ERTICO Supervisory Board approves TM2.0 platform initiation

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Following a request to all ERTICO partners, both Tomtom and Swarco Mizar presented their ideas for a platform to the ERTICO Supervisory Board in December 2012.

Filip Ballegeer presented the proposal for the implementation of an IP on Dynamic Traffic Management, emphasising the need to shift from top-down traffic management to decentralised, in-car centric traffic management which will make road operation more effective and efficient.

Gino Franco presented the proposal for a platform on Cooperative Traffic Management, explaining the need for Europe-wide solutions for standard coding of information, standard classification of data content reliability and certification of component compatibility.  In addition traffic monitoring can be improved if road operators have access to vehicle sourced data.

The initial phase for the establishment of a Platform based on the merged proposals of Tomtom and Swarco-Mizar was approved by the ERTICO supervisory board in Dec 2012.

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