New and Ongoing Task Forces


This TF will be the third TM 2.0 TF working on TM 2.0 and MaaS. In this TF we will focus on the relationship between the TM 2.0 and MaaS Alliance communities. The aim is to enable TM 2.0 and MaaS stakeholders to better understand what are the common challenges and opportunities. This TF will focus on cooperation and dialogue.

This TF will focus on enabling the TM 2.0 innovation platform to solidify its concept and be able to provide a sort of certification on TM 2.0 compliance. This will further help the TM 2.0 concept become an established scheme in traffic management. The TF will discuss and agree upon the regulations that should be put into place.

In order to analyse the field of Collaborative ITS Services which can be enabled by combining operational services provided by a multiplicity of ITS stakeholders, a general common understanding of requirements is needed besides existing communication standards to set up fully cooperating inter-operable services. The scope of the task force will be to describe a common vision on specifications needed to achieve such fully inter-operable and harmonised services to be implemented by several stakeholder based on specific use cases.

This TF will structure and research the topic of TM and sustainability by combining taskforce partners experiences with literature desktop study. By reviewing strategical, tactical and operational KPI’s as used by road authorities in the context of sustainability, and categorising related traffic management strategies and services, this taskforce will scope and structure several examples of implementations as precondition to guidelines.