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2021 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting – A Virtual Event: TM2.0 session

date 01/04/2021
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The TRB 100th Annual Meeting will be conducted as a virtual event over a series of dates throughout January 2021. The meeting program will cover all transportation modes, addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, […]

Mobility Network Management- where TM 2.0 and MaaS meet

date 12/04/2020
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This article has been previously published in the ERTICO newsletter of the 25/11. As travel demand increases and changes, cities continue to improve the planning, development, and operation of their multimodal transportation systems and as […]

TM 2.0 hosting several sessions at the first Virtual ITS European Congress

date 10/12/2020
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The first ever Virtual ITS European Congress is coming next 9-10 November. Two days entirely dedicated to the ITS Community, with the benefit of a 3D interactive setting and a set of tool to bring […]

Maas Alliance report for Task Force on Multimodal mobility

date 10/07/2020
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The current report is a joint effort between TM2.0 and MaaS Alliance and has as its key focus Multimodal Mobility Management. The content of the report is based on the results of a joint workshop […]

New Task Force ‘TM 2.0 as a Trusted Network’ launches

date 01/30/2019
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Interested in joining the Task Force?  Please fill your contact details here   The Task Force on TM 2.0 as a Trusted Network has been launched mid-January 2019.  The TM 2.0 collaboration scheme is based on the […]