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Online workshops on the revised RTTI

date 02/06/2023
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NAPCORE and TM 2.0, along with the Dutch Ministry and NAPCORE Advisory Board members TomTom, TISA, POLIS, and CEDR, started the year on a high note with a successful workshop on the Delegated Regulation on […]

TM 2.0 and MaaS Alliance Workshop on Mobility Network Management

date 10/13/2022
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What is Mobility Network Management (MNM), and how does it work? What do the TM 2.0 and MaaS Alliance communities prioritise, and how do they position themselves? What are the challenges faced by stakeholders in […]

TM2.0 evolution towards multimodality: Turin SHOW Pilot

date 07/28/2022
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This paper was presented at the 14th ITS European Congress in Toulouse, France (30 May-1 June 2022). Click here to read it.

TM 2.0 discusses Mobility Network Management during a special webinar

date 07/20/2022
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On 15 July, TM 2.0, ERTICO’s leading innovation platform in interactive traffic management, organised a webinar on Mobility Network Management (MNM), discussing how this important concept can be achieved and further developed through cooperation with […]