Online workshops on the revised RTTI

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NAPCORE and TM 2.0, along with the Dutch Ministry and NAPCORE Advisory Board members TomTom, TISA, POLIS, and CEDR, started the year on a high note with a successful workshop on the Delegated Regulation on Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) on 1 February 2023, which attracted more than 160 participants.

The workshop aimed to inform participants on the implications of the revised RTTI for both road authorities as well as private service providers, and to to get insight in possible use cases to work on whilst aligning on the implementation of the revised RTTI.

It also provided a good overview of the problems and challenges road authorities see in the current navigation services, such as the use of roads, which is often not in line with what they were designed and assigned for. Other challenges that emerged from the discussions are cut through traffic and the fact that navigation services do not take into account societal impact. The need for more accurate data on maximum speed and roadworks, for instance, was also addressed.

If you missed the webinar, you can download the presentation and the recording.

Building on the discussions of this workshop, TM 2.0 will host a workshop on Fine Tuning TM 2.0 “Cooperation Levels” between Public Authorities and Service Providers in Relation to the Revised RTTI Delegated Regulation on Wednesday 22 February 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00 (CET).

During the workshop, participants will discuss and update the current levels of cooperation that are defined under the TM 2.0 concept of interactive traffic management.

The workshop will take place in Brussels at the ERTICO office (Blue Tower Louise, Avenue Louise 326) and is open to all upon registration through this link. We look forward to seeing you in Brussels!

To continue the discussions on the RTTI, service providers will organise a follow-up workshop in April at the TomTom office in Berlin. Register here to take part in the conversation!

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