About TM 2.0

downloadThe TM 2.0 ERTICO Platform originated in 2011 from TomTom and Swarco and was formally established on 17 June 2014 during the ITS Europe Congress in Helsinki. It is currently chaired by AustriaTech and Dynniq.

It now groups more than 38 members from all ITS sectors focusing on new solutions for advanced active traffic management.

It aims to agree on common interfaces, principles and business models which can facilitate the exchange of data and information from the road vehicles and the Traffic Management and Control Centres (TMC), and back, improving the total value chain for consistent traffic management and mobility services as well as avoiding conflicting guidance information on the road and in the vehicles.

Workplan 2014-2017

  1. Establish a steering body
  2. Promote the platform
  3. Ensure that the interests of all stakeholders groups are taken into account
  4. Establish targeted Task Forces (groups of 3-4 persons) on: Viability analysis and recommendations (2014), Enablers and barriers (2014), Principles for data (2014-2015), Deployment steps including contractual elements (2016)
  5. Report on the results

About ERTICO – ITS Europe:

ERTICO – ITS Europe is a multi-sector, public/private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of ITS. We connect public authorities, industry players, infrastructure operators, users, national ITS associations and other organisations together and work to bring “Intelligence into Mobility”.

The ERTICO work programme focuses on initiatives to improve transport safety, security and network efficiency whilst taking into account measures to reduce environmental impact. ERTICO’s vision is of a future transport system working towards zero accidents, zero delays and fully informed people, where services are affordable and seamless, the environment is protected, privacy is respected and security is provide.