Traffic Management Survey targets Public Road Authorities

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The ERTICO Traffic Management 2.0 Innovation Platform (TM2.0) paves the way for data and information exchange between road authorities and service providers, delivering more effective means of traffic management and preventing road users from receiving conflicting guidance information.

Within the TM2.0 platform, a taskforce is developing guidelines for organisations involved or interested in traffic management collaboration, based on lessons from previous taskforces, pilots, and organisations with hands-on experience in the field.

All Public Road Operators/Authorities are invited to fill in this short survey. Answers will help all European Traffic Management organisations learn from previous experiences, and align best practices as they open up TM2.0 collaboration schemes.

The survey contains questions on organisation characteristics regarding traffic management and whether the organisation is involved in TM2.0 collaboration, motivations for and expectations from collaboration, and tips & tricks for others.

The survey is open until the end of May, and results will contribute to papers and sessions at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen on 17-21 September 2018.

Take part in the survey here

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