New Task Force ‘TM 2.0 – MaaS’ has been launched

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The Task Force on TM 2.0 – MaaS has been launched mid-November 2018.  This new TF will attempt to develop smart mobility solutions between traffic management and MaaS, and work towards defining the functionalities of TM 2.0 (influencing & informing on traffic) and how these enable MaaS services. It will also aim at piloting the results at urban & motorway level using use cases such as park&ride in a host city that is already implementing MaaS services, or is interested in deploying them. An additional use case will be traffic management related to events causing heavy temporary traffic flows.

Extending this “proof of concept” towards multi-modal services is important:  the TF will attempt to engage other transport modes and show the feasibility and benefits of managing transport demand along the route using different means of transportation. It will address user groups and new interaction layers with fleet operations (specific demand/benefit).

The TF aims to conclude its work by the beginning of June 2019 and to present its results on the occasion of the ITS European Congress.

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