Meet the winners of the TM 2.0 Student Paper Awards at ISFO 2023: Xuerun Yan

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Xuerun Yan is the first winner of the TM 2.0 sponsored Student Paper Awards, which rewarded the work of student researchers in the field of traffic management. The competition was organised during the ISFO Symposium 2023, which was held on 26-30 June in Vienna, Austria, co-organised by TM 2.0 in collaboration with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and AustriaTech. This key event brought together close to 400 traffic management experts from both the public and the private sector in Europe and the United States, including US Departments of Transport (DoTs) and the US academic community, to discuss the future of traffic management. The papers submitted as part of the competition were reviewed by the Student Paper Awards Committee, which comprises Panos D. Prevedouros (University of Hawaii/TRB), Martin Russ (AustriaTech/TM 2.0), Jop Spoelstra (Technolution/TM 2.0), Dr Johanna Tzanidaki (ERTICO/TM 2.0/TRB), Haizhong Wang (Oregon State University/TRB), and Yinhai Wang (University of Washington/TRB).

Xuerun Yan received his B.S. degree in Traffic Engineering from Southeast University, Nanjing, China, in 2021. He currently works as a research assistant with the Key Laboratory of Road and Traffic Engineering, Ministry of Education, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. His research interests are in the areas of AV simulation, vehicle control and cooperative driving.

The jury of experts of the Student Paper Awards at ISFO selected his paper among the numerous contributions as the winner of the competition. His winning paper focuses on a cutting-edge simulation platform designed for evaluating truck platooning, which is now used at the Yangshan Port by the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The study Xuerun Yan conducted with his co-authors validated the platform