Objectives & Mission


The overall objective of TM2.0 is to provide a discussion forum around the topic of interactive traffic management for all relevant stakeholders, in the entire Traffic Management Procedure value chain.

The TM 2.0 objectives are following a phase loop:

  • Phase I ( TM2.0 value chain definition)
  • Phase II ( TM2.0 value chain creation)
  • Phase III ( TM 2.0 marketplace implementation)
  • Phase IV (TM 2.0 Innovation Procurement)

New TM 2.0 objectives

TM 2.0 is now focusing on the next phase III and IV objectives:

  • Exchange of Best Practices on deploying TM 2.0 at city and region level.
  • Further work on the Exchange of Traffic Management which will be focusing on the ‘why’ and the communication between Traffic management centres and Service providers.
  • Further work on the role of in Automation in Traffic Management (especially addressing safety aspects).
  • Speed up the development of innovative solutions for advanced active traffic management by linking to intermodal and syncromodal interfaces.
  • Establish synergies with activities and Platformse. Digital Transport Infrastructure, MaaS Alliance, TISA) and projects (COMPASS4D and CO-GISTICS).
  • Suggest elements facilitating contractual agreement and schemes facilitating win-win cooperation and development of Business Models for the relevant stakeholders.
  • Speed up the development of innovative solutions for advanced active traffic management by supporting the TM 2.0 Innovation Procurement process
  • Implementation of the TM 2.0 a market place focussing on new solutions for advanced active traffic management.
  • Continue contributing with guidelines and recommendations


The future of Traffic Management is to build upon deployment of connected vehicles and travellers in order to:

  • achieve convergence of mobility services and traffic management.
  • create synergies between actions of the individual travellers with the collective mobility objectives.
  • bridge the innovative developments in the vehicle and in the traffic management  while giving value to the legacy and creating new business opportunities.


TM 2.0 Phases