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New TM 2.0 Task Force reports published

date 08/13/2019
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Three TM 2.0 Task Forces have submitted their conclusions to the organisation and submitted their final reports. The three documents are available to read and download:   TM 2.0 TF16 Masterplan Final Roadmap   TM […]

TM 2.0 General Assembly elects new Chairs

date 06/20/2019
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A TM 2.0 General Assembly Meeting was held on Monday 3rd June in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, on the opening day of the ITS European Congress 2019. On this occasion a wide attendance heard about the […]

TM 2.0 2019 Brochure

date 05/21/2019
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This updated brochure presents the goals, approaches, achievements and partners of TM2.0 in a clear and concise format. Read it online here [PDF format].

“TM 2.0, the next step in Talking Traffic?” – Conference in Utrecht, NL on 23 May 2019

date 05/09/2019
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On behalf of the Dutch User group Traffic Management Systems, TM 2.0 Member Vialis organizes twice a year a full-day event with a subject related to traffic management. The user group consists of local road […]

New Task Force ‘TM 2.0 as a Trusted Network’ launches

date 01/30/2019
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Interested in joining the Task Force?  Please fill your contact details here   The Task Force on TM 2.0 as a Trusted Network has been launched mid-January 2019.  The TM 2.0 collaboration scheme is based on the […]